Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's News

When it Makes Sense to Bring Outsourcing Back In-House
Modern Healthcare.com reported that the University of California at San Diego Medical Center made a decision to bring several activities back in-house after a consultant helped the hospital evaluate its outsourcing strategy. The hospital decided to resume operation of its software and food service systems department, which involved, among other things, reestablishing its supply chain. The article says the change helped the hospital save approximately $1.6 million.

Florida Stops Food Stamp Outsourcing to India
CBS Broadcasting reported that Floridians were upset because their calls about food stamps and the government issued debit cards for the program were being answered by operators in India. JPMorgan Chase & Co., which has the contract to handle the program including customer service and administration of the EBT cards, has assured state officials that any calls about the program will be re-routed to operators in the United States. JP Morgan Chase has two U.S. call centers but also uses call centers in India to handle any overflow.

India is Losing its Share of Outsourcing Market
IDG News Service reported that the growth rate of offshoring to India is expected to drop considerably as clients are increasingly including other countries in their decision matrix. According to a Gartner report; "In the past, 80 to 90 percent of clients would automatically source from India, when they decided to go offshore. That number is down to 60 percent."ndia is losing its share of outsourcing market, says Gartner

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