Monday, April 20, 2009

Newsworthy Items

Delta No Longer Sending Reservation Calls to India
The Associated Press announced that Delta Air Lines Inc. no longer is outsourcing reservation calls to India after years of complaints from customers who preferred to speak to someone in the United States. Delta's Chief Executive Richard Anderson told employees in a recorded message that the world's biggest airline operator is in the process of bringing all customer calls back in-house in the U.S.

Weighing the Benefits of Onshore Outsourcing
Computer posted an article that discusses the rationale behind the decision process of whether a company should adopt an onshore or offshore strategy.

Infosys Sees Projects Worth $1 Billion Coming up in India explains that Infosys Technologies sees over $1 billion worth of outsourcing contracts coming from the Indian market over next few years, as country’s government and state-owned organisations seek to become more efficient by outsourcing their IT needs. This announcement comes at a time when customers in its top markets of US and Europe are slashing their IT budgets.

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