Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily news

Amway Extends Outsourcing Contract with IBM Germany
PR reported that Amway GmbH and IBM announced that they have renewed and expanded a EUR 3.2 Million outsourcing contract that will run three additional years. The direct selling company has outsourced a part of its information technology (IT) infrastructure ti IBM in Germany since 2004. The expanded agreement provides an on demand model that enables Amway to flexibly adjust its use of IT resources to meet its business requirements.

Is Now a Smart Time to Revisit Outsourcing Contracts?
Supply Chain ran a story that asks the question "in now the right time to re-look at outsourcing contracts?" In light of the current economic situation companies are looking to cut costs in many areas, especially the supply chain. It appears that outsourcing contracts in manufacturing and logistics are a smart place to look. The article outlines four areas where savings might be found by reevaluating current contract terms.

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