Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Outsourcing Bloggers Provide Their Perspective

Interesting Perspective on the Satyam Purchase
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary has a blog "Talking Outsourcing" that we have been following for some time. He makes an interesting observation in a posting yesterday regarding the bid by Tech Mahindra for controlling interest in Satyam. If you have been following the Satyam situation you can understand why the questions was asked. Please refer to the attached link to view the entire article.

You Say Out-tasking, I Say Outsourcing
Ann Hall, a fellow blogger, posted a story in her blog at that discusses an interview she had with one of India's leading outsourcing executives. Her perspective on the terminology used by the executive and their attempt at downplaying what is actually being done. She says: "I can't blame outsourcing companies for being worried about the possible negative impact of political fallout on their bottom lines. But I think the use of "out-tasking" rather than outsourcing is an obvious and ineffective dodge of larger issues".

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