Tuesday, April 28, 2009

News of the Day

Critical Questions in Successful Outsourcing
TMC.net posted an item that discusses a change in the focus of what companies need to consider when making outsourcing decisions. Many of the items reviewed in this article are in line with the content of Bob's book.

ATM Outsourcing: a Viable Option for Struggling Banks
istockanalyst.com ran an article that discusses a dilemma banks are having regarding the outsourcing of ATM's. All industries are being affected by the current economic situation and the issue of losing control appears to be a key inhibitor to ATM outsourcing offerings. This can also be the case with smaller banks, notably those that are family-owned and thus have a strongly defined internal culture. Vendor credibility is therefore essential, and the larger institutions in particular will also seek reassurance that both their customer service levels and their overall delivery strategy will not be compromised. The complete article can be accessed via the above link.

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