Monday, April 13, 2009

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Tech Recruiting Clashes with Immigration Rules
The New York Times ran an article today that discusses the impact visa restrictions are expected to have on the American economy and competitiveness of US firms. The article explains that the debate has only sharpened as the country’s economic downturn has deepened. Advocates for American-born workers are criticizing companies that lay off employees even as they retain engineers living here on visas. But the technology industry counters that innovations from highly skilled workers are central to American long-term growth

Outsourcing your call center? Nicaragua is tops for location and convenience

The posted an article on how Nicaragua, has opened its doors generating excitement across the industry. With CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) in place, a short 2 ½ hour flight from the U.S. allowing execs to conduct same-day business, operating in the central time zone, and an eager workforce -- Nicaragua is growing in popularity as an easy, convenient and cost-effective near shore/offshore location for U.S. companies. One reader posted a comment to this article with a proposal for an anti-OFFSHORING "PER BYTE TAX"

Is bringing the jobs back home a serious strategy?
Talking Outsourcing discussed the news that US student loan firm Sallie Mae has decided to cancel its Indian offshore operations, a back office that employs around 2,000 people. Why? The recession. The troubled economic climate means that jobs are being lost in the US and Sallie Mae has decided to hire locally back in the States as a response. I

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