Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's News

Transparency in Outsourcing:
This article in E-Commerce Times discusses the laws governing the disclosure of layoffs and the state of the outsourcing market.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Adds Value to the Role of Intellectual Property:
IP Review Online ran an article on LPO stating that it can be helpful to patent or trademark attorneys where the emphasis is on record keeping. The author explains that the problem most companies have is that record keeping is time-consuming. LPOs can provide the training and resources required.

Porsche Finds Fortune from Unlikely Outsourcing
Helsinki Times ran an article on how Porsche has been able to utilize outsourcing in Finland to their financial advantage. While many companies have moved work to India, China and Taiwan Porsche has taken a different approach.

IBM Targets India to Beat Rivals at Their Own Game reported that IBM has hired more than 70,000 employees in India, taking advantage of the “hyper-growth” there by helping domestic companies develop infrastructure. IBM also may attract new customers from India’s Satyam which is still involved in the nation’s largest accounting scandal.

New Findings Highlight Economic Impact on Recruitment Process Outsourcing reported that organizations that outsource their recruitment activities are achieving significant gains.

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