Friday, April 24, 2009

Newsworthy Items

Unilever HR Outsourcing Deal Shows Companies Are Willing to Use Multiple Providers. ran a story about Unilever's recent decision to outsource its HR processes for its Latin America workforce to IBM. This decision signals that employers are now more likely to go to different HR business process outsourcing vendors for different parts of their business.

American Tower to Make India Hub for Asian Ops
Wall Street Journal (sub required): More and more mobile companies in India are outsourcing their passive infrastructure requirements, including telecom towers, to independent companies. American Tower Corp. wants to build its operations in India and make the country its hub to enter other Asian markets. A company rep stated that the company is also looking at "opportunities for growth" in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines and other South East Asian countries.

BP Looks Outside for Solar Cells to Drive Down Costs - Wall Street Journal

Bank of America Hired Thousands - Abroad - Money

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