Monday, April 6, 2009

Todays' Offshoring News

Sallie Mae to Create 2,000 US Jobs, Reverse Outsourcing
Biz reported Sallie Mae plans to create 2,000 jobs in the United States by reversing previous outsourcing actions and bringing all of its overseas operations back to America.

Smooth the Path of Outsourcing.

An article written in today's discusses the fact that today's global economic crisis is creating untold challenges for businesses in all industries, in all corners of the world. Business leaders of large and small companies alike are struggling to weather the storm that is affecting the survival of many once solid companies. The author lists several basic steps that companies need to understand when heading into the offshoring arena.

Outsourcing In Game Industry on the Increase
This article in the website shows that offshoring is taking place in many industries. The computer game development industry is starting to see an increase in their outsourcing budgets by nearly twofold, with the proportion of companies planning to spend $2 million or more on outsourcing rising to almost 20% in 2008.

Campbell Soup Signs 65 Month Agreement with IBM for Outsourcing Services
RTT reported that Campbell Soup Company has signed a 65-month agreement for information technology outsourcing services. As part of the agreement, IBM will provide IT infrastructure services, network support, application maintenance services and security services from IBM Internet Security Systems. IBM will offer infrastructure services on demand for enhanced cost efficiency and increased flexibility.

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