Monday, March 2, 2009

Today's Items in the News

Will temporary workers haunt Indian outsourcers?
The author of this article in is voicing his concern about the process UK companies use in granting their own work permits. In his opinion "Indian IT companies should hire people in the country where they operate, rather than flying in cheap workers for extended periods of time. Non-UK companies such as Capgemini, IBM, or EDS, just don’t have this tendency to resource projects by bringing waves of staff into the UK from India".

Will Eliminating Tax Credits for Outsourcing Help U.S.?
An article in today's IT Business independent IT consultant Paul Massie believes that the economy, more than any thing President Obama does, will have a greatest impact on outsourcing.

Posting his analysis on The Expert Network of Gerson Lehrman Group, he says the large organizations -- such as IBM's presence in India and China -- won't be dismantled quickly, if at all. Eliminating tax credits for them might slow their growth, but it won't stop them, he says. For a full review of the article please click on the above ink.

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