Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News of the Day

Hewlett Packard to Create 500 Jobs in Ireland
Hewlett Packard announced in a recent edition of Industry that it is planning an expansion at its global service desk operation in Leixlip, County Kildare southwest of Dublin. "The expansion will initially result in the creation of 500 highly-skilled multilingual technical support positions over 12 months, with the recruitment of 300 of these positions to commence immediately," the IDA said. "A substantial part of the growth plans will include the creation of a research, development and innovation capability for HP's global service desk environment," it added. For a complete review of the article please click on the above link.


M said...

What a farce.. in all candor, I wonder how much of all this is based on the profit motive of professor Kennedy, and his toadies.

I watched with some amusement last year, when the Irish tech workers, who had bought into the claim that the US jobs that had been outsourced to their country, had been because they were "better educated", "more skilled", had been shocked to hear the same lies told about them, that the CEO's of those companies had told about us.. that they weren't so highly educated or skilled.

Irish tech workers who had sparred with me in the past, admitted that they had been too willing to look down on American tech workers and citizens as a whole, and realized that they had just been cheaper, and in fact only a stopping off point.

When will Kennedy write about how he and those like him are stealing the money given by the taxpayers of Michigan, to pay for overseas investments, and to fund industries in communist China. When will he address how he's lied about Michigan workers, and students. When will he outright admit that we not only do not have a worker or skills shortage, but that the outsourcing and displacement of citizen workers is based on the fascistic dreams of corrupt people like himself?

Bob Kennedy said...

Wow!! You're really giving the thesaurus a workout. Unfortunately, this comment is 90% simple emoting. There are no facts here. That's difficult to respond to.

Here are some facts:

- Global competition is inconvenient, but it's a fact of life. If you don't have skills that add value, firms will find someone who does. They may be in the US, or they may be overseas. That stinks for low-skill people, but that's life.

- It is tempting to ask the government to do something to prevent trade in services, but there is nothing realistic it can do. If the US government attempts to reserve services jobs for US citizens, the work will simply migrate overseas where there are workers who offer a better combination of skills and cost.

Whining about how the world works, and stringing together lots and lots of adjectives won't change that fact.

- Your description of the situation in Ireland has no basis in fact. Ireland is and continues to be a services hub. Dell recently moved 1900 assembly jobs to Lodz Poland, but they kept the services work in Ireland. The services jobs are, in fact, more firmly grounded, if the country implements investment friendly policies.

- difficult to respond to the tirade at the end. But I hope it makes you feel better.