Thursday, March 19, 2009

Industry Updates

"Obama's Anti-Outsourcing may Hurt Global Trade"
A report in Outsourcing News and Top Outsourcing Trade today explained that many US Corporations are saying Barack Obama's anti-outsourcing policies are impractical and could adversely impact world trade. However some analysts do not see such policies making a big impact. “Companies won’t give up offshoring strategy because of this,” said Suvojoy Sengupta, partner at consultancy firm Booz & Company. For the complete article please connect via the above link.

Research Shows Brazil Presents Strong Business Case for Outsourcing
Outbound Call Center.tmcnet reported today that the contact center industry in Brazil has been growing, in large part as a result of its close proximity to American businesses. Many companies looking to reduce operating costs, improve quality and deploy resources towards core activities are turning to outsource agencies that have attained a level of process maturity that can offer skilled, bi-lingual agents, catering to a diverse and growing customer base for many companies. For the full article please click on the above link.

AT&T Bringing Thousands of Tech / Contract Center Jobs Back to U.S.
Outbound Call Center.tmcnet ran an article that discussed the return of over 5,000 jobs back to the U.S. by AT&T. The bulk of these jobs are now located in broadband support contact centers in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, and North Carolina with most of the others scattered across states in the Southeast. To read the entire article please click on the above link.

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