Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interesting Offshoring Blogs

Have been swamped with grading, but plan to get back to more regular posting. Kudos to Lou for keeping up the (almost) daily "In the News" items.

The more I get into the blogosphere, the more interesting blogs I find on the topic. Here are a smattering:

Inside Outsource (mentioned previously). Active in spurts. Good book reviews.

Horses for Sources -- active, wide ranging

The Dao of Outsourcing -- focuses on China. Not particularly active, but has a unique view.

Think Global -- (from AMR Research) focuses on global business, supply chain and IT outsourcing strategies.

Growthology -- mostly about entrepreneurship, but occasional posts about global talent and offshoring.

Innovation and Web Globalization Blog -- by Steve Hamm at BusinessWeek.com. Lots of globalization topics. Frequently mentions offshoring and outsourcing topics.

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There will clearly be many more, but this is a start. Happy surfing.

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