Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Media Blast -- India Addition

Have had a very busy few days in India.

First, lots of interactions with our MBA MAP teams.
  • First team up is working in Noida, focusing on Drishtee's microenterprise lending strategy.
  • Spend the weekend in Hyderabad working with a second team focusing on Acumen Fund's healthcare strategy.
  • Next up is two days of Ross alumni events (Delhi then Mumbai/Bombay).
  • Then back to Noida Wednesday Thursday for some work with the Perot Systems team, working on skills
The real news, however, is promoting the book. For those of you who've read it, you know that Perot and India play a large role. Anurag Jain, Perot's MD for Asia Pacific and Head of the firm's Business Process Solutions business, had his team organize an absolutely fantastic couple of days.

I was on cover of the Saturday Economic Times. The article was about Obama's offshoring comments in the town hall meeting and the quote from me were pretty minor. There was a huge picture of Obama on the front page, with a pull quote from me directly responding to him. Wish the book was already released here in India. You can't buy press like that.

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Interesting contrast with the US journalists I have been interacting with over the past few months. Not saying one is necessarily better than the other.

  1. My experience is that most US journalists are focusing on the story of the day. They want provocative quotes and I have to push to get references to the book included in the writeups. Here, nearly all the dozen or journalists who interviewed me had spent time with the book. Many had read substantial portions. The focus was very much on the book -- why I wrote it, what was the target audience, engaging me on the key messages, etc.
  2. I have the sense that the book will be huge here in India. Judging by the journalists, it seems to hit on a set of issues that are top of mind here. All wanted to stay in contact for future stories. They were happy to work with me and the PR firm on timing release to match the book launch (unfortunately, not for a couple more weeks here in India). Several forwarded requests from their editors about whether I could do guest, or regular columns in their publications. We're doing fairly well in the US, but this market feels ripe. We'll see.
All in all, a very productive few days on the book front. Several pieces coming out in the US next week as well. Look for something in Forbes.com, and a guest blog on Horses for Sources. Also have a piece accepted in Financial Executive Magazine that should be in the May edition.

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