Friday, June 5, 2009

Outsourcing Updates

Ford Drives Cost Control with Outsourcing Deal announced that Ford has outsourced its payroll and time and attendance service. Ford hopes to see cost savings and increased efficiency through more automation across the business, with its payroll staff focusing less on administration and more on value-added activities.

White House Wouldn't Stop GM from Outsourcing
A story in Real Clear yesterday explained that reporters could not get a straight answer when they pressed Robert Gibbs to explain how the White House would react if a new General Motors board wanted to act in a way that might be contrary to the administration's goals. The press secretary was posed with this hypothetical question: What if GM could save money by outsourcing jobs to China? Would President Obama, who promised that the company would make more cars in the United States, allow that as the company's majority shareholder? The answer and entire article can be accessed via the above link.

Cisco Piloting an Outsourcing Channel Program advised that Cisco Systems has offered insight into an outsourcing channel program that is in the works and should be ready for launch in fiscal year 2010. Word of an outsourcing program comes as Cisco readies to relaunch its Managed Services Channel Program, which will occur on Aug. 31. The program builds on one originally established in 2007. Currently, 61 partners are part of the Managed Services Channel Program.

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