Thursday, June 11, 2009

Newsworthy Items

Mexico Edges in on China's Manufacturing Turf
The Dallas Morning News ran a story about Mexico vying for manufacturing jobs currently located in China. The author notes that China has consistently won the sourcing game with scores of manufacturers ready to produce products to customer specifications, pack and ship them in containers. Now Mexico is making a play for this work, with custom-made products and overnight delivery – a time frame that China can't touch.

Recession Sparks a Sharp Drop in Outsourcing in Britain reported that even though offshoring to locations such India and China offers cost reductions the initial cost of setting up these relationships can be significant. As a result many companies aren’t willing to invest in offshoring in the current economic climate.

Investors Predict Globalization of Industry, Especially to China
The Wall Street Journal reported that Venture capitalists expect their industry to grow increasingly global, as firms shift more attention to Asia and as institutional investors around the world seek to add venture funds to their portfolios.

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