Monday, June 8, 2009

Offshoring News

India Feels Less Vulnerable as Outsourcing Presses On
The New York Times reported that even though the global downturn has slowed the rapid growth in India’s outsourcing business many outsourcing businesses are booming- because of the pressure on companies, and even governments, to reduce costs is still ever present. Unemployment has risen to 8.9 percent in the United States, a 26-year high, increasing longstanding pressures to “keep jobs in America.” But managers of companies big and small, squeezed between political pressures and the necessity of slimming down to survive, are choosing the bottom line.

Tough Times Give a Boost to Second-gen Outsourcing
The Economic Times ran a story about Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO) that might be worth reading. It discusses the point that rather than looking for simple cost reductions companies are beginning to look for a better overall value proposition.

Outsourcing Agriculture aired a story about China sending One Million workers to Africa this year as part of a growing trend for countries to outsource their food production. This report is connected to a blog post we made in late May 2009.

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