Friday, May 29, 2009

Today's News

Process Design / Redesign with a Clean Sheet
Sourcing reported that quite often, process designs or redesigns are burdened with a lot of legacy ideas! Sometimes, it may be better to start a design or a redesign of a business process with a clean sheet rather than make marginal improvements!Many processes just evolve from nothing, or have a lot of outdated steps that may have been necessary when they were designed for the first time but may be outdated today!

Travel Companies to Increase Outsourcing in the First Quarter of 2010
Travolution advises that outsourcing company Sitel is predicting one third of travel company call centers will be outsourced by the first quarter of the next financial year.The forecast comes as the company experiences increased demand from travel businesses looking at ways to reduce operating costs while maintaining or bringing back call booking volumes during the current recession.

US Federal Agency Issuing RFP's for $6.6 Billion in Outsourcing Deals
Information Week published an article advising that the Defense Intelligence Agency is moving forward with plans to spend up to $6.6 billion over five years on new outsourcing contracts. They recently issued a request for a proposal that covers development, deployment and management of various Department of Defense systems between now and 2015. The new multi-vendor contract vehicle, Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (SITE), will be managed by the DIA, but covers military intelligence technology that will be used by the military branches and other DoD agencies.

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