Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's News

Choose IT outsourcing firm with good track record, says guru presented an article that says firms should not go into IT outsourcing deals with their eyes closed and should ensure that the provider has a proven track record in the business. Ross Taylor, marketing manager at Direct Response advises "Ultimately if you outsource key functions of the business to a company that cannot deliver on it, from your customer's point of view, it's not the outsourcer that's failed, as far as they're concerned, you've failed,". Access the full article via this link.

Health Care Services: Potential Opportunity for Outsourcing Growth
Seeking ran a story that discusses the health care situation in the US, rising costs and a need to maintain quality health care at affordable costs. The article explains that outsourcing is one possible solution. Wit the digitization of data many services are now offshored that were not possible in the past.

Obama vs. Outsourcing
Business ran this article that discusses President Obama's proposed changes to the tax code. It's a lenghty article but worth reading.