Monday, May 11, 2009

Newsworthy Items

Outsourcing Deals Rising, but Risks Increase as Focus Narrows to Cost Cutting reported that almost 60% of organizations in Western Europe say they will outsource more IT and business process functions this year, compared to last, according to an online survey by analyst Gartner. It's all about cost reduction. More than 70% of respondents rated budget and cost containment as their top concerns in 2009, up 17.5% from 2008.

Are You ready for Transformational Outsourcing?
Gaining better value from an outsourcing relationship also means transforming the organization, not just managing headcount. According to an article published in smart companies adopt outsourcing to transform their processes and strategies not simply to reduce costs. Some of the advantages if this approach is adopted include.; access to additional skill sets and business experience, better resource management and creation of new revenue streams because of available cost-effective expertise.

A Matter of Trust
An article posted by Mark Kobayashi-Hillary in his blog explains a situation that he was involved in regarding trust and credibility in outsourcing arrangements. He offers an eye-opening example of his personal experiences.

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