Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News of the Day

Outsourcing: Thriving at Home and Abroad
Business Week.com reported that cities from Boise to Gdansk benefit as economic and political pressures prompt companies to outsource work to lower-cost cities at home and overseas. In spite of the troubled global economy—or more likely, because of it—one of the few business sectors that continues to thrive is outsourcing. No wonder: Companies looking to cut expenses in the face of soft demand are keener than ever to hand off parts of their operations to lower-cost providers.

Outsourcing: Obama Tax Plan Unlikely to Prevent Offshoring
CIO.com reported that analysts say it's the low cost of highly skilled labor overseas--not the tax code--that has driven the offshore outsourcing trend. President Obama unveiled tax code changes Monday he said could curb offshoring, but analysts and tax experts believe the plan will have little to no impact on the megatrend that threatens as many as one-in-four IT jobs at large companies.

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