Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thoughts on PR process

Have been doing quite a bit of PR. Lou has been posting the various links, so I won't recount them all.

Funny how it works. The book focuses on the trend toward global sourcing of services from developing countries. Most references are to India, the Philippines, China, South Africa, etc. I think I mention Ireland once or twice in passing.

So, a couple weeks ago, Dell announces it is closing its manufacturing operation in Limerick Ireland (about 1800 positions). Service jobs (about 2600 positions) will stay. The Guardian Newspaper from London reaches out to me for a comment. Most people seem to be saying "it's the end of the world. Ireland is doomed!!!"

My view is that this is predictable and actually a sign of Ireland's strength. Low-skill assembly work is a commodity. If those jobs didn't go to Lodz Poland, they would go to Romania or China. Ireland offers nothing special for low/medium skill manufacturing work and it's fruitless to try to hold on to that work.

On the other hand, the fact that most services positions (product marketing, service, accounting, etc) are staying in Ireland says something positive about the business and regulatory environment the country has created. My view is the Ireland is still well positioned to outperform most others in the EU as a hub for within-EU services.

Turns out this was a really unique view. It led to 3-4 more newspaper articles, and about 6 radio interviews. Apparently I'm a star in Ireland now, with lots of book pre-orders. One mention of Ireland gets a couple hundred book orders.

Things also look promising in India. Several of our research partners have agreed to help promote the book and we seem to be getting traction ahead of the March launch.

In the meantime, I'm working the highways and byways of the US publishing industry and things are moving slowly. Turns out, it's pretty difficult to scare up book reviews. Lots of interviews where I am quoted on offshoring/outsourcing topics. But it's a struggle to get them to mention the book.

Ideas appreciated.

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