Friday, February 20, 2009

Detroit News Op Ed: Work Visas Stop Offshoring of High-Skill Jobs

Published a commentary piece in the Detroit News this morning, which was written in response to a very misinformed piece by Froma Harrop that ran about two weeks ago.

Here is the original piece by Harrop: Don't Expedite Offshoring with More Work Visas

Here is my piece than ran today: Work Visas Stop Offshoring of High-Skill Jobs

My submission tackled Harrop more directly, but the editors took out the direct references.

This should lead to some amusing venting in the DetNews comments section. As of 9:30am this morning, only one not-to-bad comment. But globalization tends to bring out the crazies, often with elaborate policy proposals that ignore basic economics or incentives. Should be interesting.

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