Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ComputerWorld.com interview - IBM offers to shift workers losing jobs to lower-wage countries

Bob was quoted in an article regarding IBM's offer to shift workers who are losing jobs to lower wage countries. The item was posted over the weekend in ComputerWorld Online . Bob states; "What most of IBM's competitors are doing is just eliminating jobs and hiring people in India," (and ) "I would say from IBM's point of view, they're trying to meet people maybe not halfway, but a quarter of the way."


ColoredOpinions said...

Yeah, move to India, Brasil or Rwanda and write a book about "Slicing the wages", start a blog and get rich.

Bob Kennedy said...
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Bob Kennedy said...

Not really sure what your comment is supposed to mean. Are you making a point, or just being sarcastic?

Globalization is a fact of life. You can sit around and bitch about it, or figure out how/what/where to locate your business activities.

Happy to engage in an informed discussion, but I can't figure out what you're trying to say.