Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from Africa, now in catch up mode

Returned from a productive week in Rwanda. Was there working with the School for Finance and Banking (where WDI has a capacity building engagement) and for the graduation of the first group of women from the Goldman Sachs Entrepreneurship program.

It was a great trip on several levels:

1. The school is really starting to make some progress with the curriculum and improving the faculty. Also, wifi now available on campus, which will have a profound effect on the learning process.

2. The Goldman Sachs program was great. GS funded, and we worked with the SFB to deliver, a six month entrepreneurship training program for poor women in Rwanda. They received eight one-week-long training modules, had school faculty visit their businesses, and wrote a business plan for expansion. The last three days were devoted to a business plan competition, which was incredibly impressive.

3. Goldman Sachs sent a partner (James Garvey) from the London office to participate in the BP competition and the graduation. Things went great. He saw what we are doing, bonded with the women, etc.

--- --- ---
Only downside was that I caught a nasty stomach virus somewhere near the end of the trip and am just now recovering. Will try to catch up with the latest offshoring news (thanks Lou!!) over the next day or two. Sorry for the slow posting of late.

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